Can bad RAM result in faulty OS install?



I’m working on a PC that’s having problems with lockups and bluescreens. I tested the memory with Memtest86, and it failed with many errors starting @ test 4. I replaced the stick w/ a known good stick, ran memtest again for 6.5 hours with no errors. Ran Prime95 off the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows for 5 hours, no errors.Even though the failing stick of RAM was replaced and the computer seems stable while in the UBCD environment, the PC still randomly hard locks while in XP (haven’t seen a blue screen yet). Nothing shows in the Event Viewer.
Any idea what I’m dealing with here, or how to narrow down the issue?
Any chance that installing windows w/ the bad RAM may have caused an unstable windows install? (I was told by my pops that he did reinstall windows, but there were some errors during it).I’m hoping it’s not the motherboard heading south, as that’s just a PITA to diagnose and a hassle to replace.

Please help.

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