Pulsar apex problems, again!



I attended a firearms training update day at work this week, very keen to show off our fancy freshly zeroed scope to the other guys. It was my turn to shoot and I was desperate to shoot well in front of my colleagues. It grouped perfectly, but about eight inches low! I was rather annoyed but thought I must have zeroed it wrongly so we re zeroed it and it was bang on at 100m, a few different people had a go with the rifle and all shot very well. I went out last night in a confident mood knowing the rifle was shooting well. To cut a long story short I had six shots at foxes and missed every time, this resulted in a very angry drive home and a bad nights sleep wondering what the heck I’m doing wrong! Took the rifle back to my range this morning to find its now shooting about seven inches high and to the left!! The upshot of all this is I really don’t know what to do with the scope, it’s been replaced several times and it’s the same problem. I know it’s zeroed correctly, mounted securely and handled properly. It’s on a 22-250 so there’s not huge recoil to deal with. Has anyone had similar issues?

Please help

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