Vanguard - repeated back door roth logistic question


Hi All,

I did my first backdoor roth last week with my vanguard account. It went smoothly, but I see that the original IRA account is still around. For folks that do these yearly, do you open a new IRA account each year or just contribute the limit to the old account and do the conversion again?

Having never done this before. I guess my real question is, if I did my '17 conversion in Dec and a '18 conversion before the April cutoff, for the prior year, is there any complications when doing the taxes given the two conversions had the same source IRA account?

Related question. I recently discovered that I am able to do a mega back door roth and my company’s plan (Vanguard) support repeated in-service distributions. If I do multiple distributions / conversions throughout the year, does that cause any additional headache when filing taxes vs doing 1 or 2 conversions a year?

Please help

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